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Entera Global Expert Webinar: How Cybersecurity Empowers Accountants Practice

Bengaluru, India – 22 November 2023 Entera Global, an international provider of AI-driven software, hosted an expert online webinar titled " Strengthening Accounting: How Cybersecurity Empowers Your Practice." This event aimed to discuss the vital connection between cybersecurity and the accounting industry. The panel featured industry experts, including CA Akhil Bansal, a venture capitalist, Hemant Kumar, CEO of Enpass.io, Mahir Gupta, a Cyber Security Expert, LL.B (High court), and CA Mudit Goyal, who moderated the session.

The discussion aimed to enlighten professionals about the importance of cybersecurity in accounting and provided insights into the strategies required to fortify the profession against potential cyber threats.

Each expert highlighted the critical role of cybersecurity in modern accounting practices. CA Akhil Bansal stressed that safeguarding financial data is essential not just for compliance but also for maintaining trust and integrity in financial operations. Mr. Hemant Kumar emphasized the need for proactive cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive financial data and enhance client trust.

Mr. Mahir Gupta brought attention to the escalating risks posed by cyber threats and the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for the accounting industry. CA Mudit Goyal, as the moderator, focused on the intersection of cybersecurity and accounting, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between these fields for better practice.

The panel unanimously agreed that with the increasing digitization of the accounting landscape, integrating robust cybersecurity measures has become imperative. They underscored the importance of understanding the implications of data breaches and leveraging technology-driven solutions to elevate accounting practices.

The overarching message from the webinar was the urgent need for Chartered Accountants to adopt cybersecurity as an integral part of their professional practices. It's not just about protecting data; it's about securing client trust, credibility, and the confidentiality of financial information.