Sales and Purchases
From Excel to Tally
with 100% accuracy

Sales, Purchase, Receipts, Expenses, Vouchers, Journal Entries, b2b/b2c entries from Amazon
Items matching, mapping of purchase, sales and GST ledgers
For all Tally versions, high-level data protection, live customer support
How It Works?
Uploading any Excel spreadsheets
You don't need templates anymore. Entera recognizes data from Sales, Purchases, Vouchers, Journals, Entries from e-comm platforms with 100% accuracy.
Items matching, Mapping, AutoLedger
With AI technology Entera checks data, matches items, and makes mapping of sales, invoices, GST.
It remembers your choices and uses them in future iterations.
Bulk Import to Tally, QB, Zoho Books
Entera makes bulk import to Tally, QB, Zoho Books with guaranteed data accuracy and absolutely data safety.
What You'll Get?
Upload entries from Excel to Tally with 100% data accuracy, without templates and special software
  • 100% data accuracy, no templates
    Entera recognizes sales, purchase, vouchers, journals, entries from e-commerce, receipts with GST.
  • Bulk import to Tally in a few clicks
    Upload up to 100 documents at once. Entera's AI algorithm remembers your ledgers and works faster next time.
  • Easy to start
    No need to download special software. Upload files using a computer or even smartphone.
  • Unlimited Pages
    Pay only 1000 IRs and upload all entries into Tally automatically. All Tally versions supported.
  • Multiuser access
    Entera will be available for your colleagues without downloading of special software.
  • Data Protection
    We provide high-level data protection, certificates and NDA. Nobody gets your data.
FREE / 10 documents
Try Entera for free. Upload 10 documents from Excel to Tally with our expert.
5 500 IRS/ Year

Unlimited number of documents

Unrestricted list of documents and templates types

Unlimited number of publishings to Tally

Customer support is included

Data supplied as of May 1, 2023