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What's Entera?

Entera – is an AI-based accounting software that makes data entry 10 times faster and more accurate.
7000+ accountants all over the world use Entera to reduce human errors and upload thousands of documents into accounting systems.

Without Entera

With Entera

  • No time for important tasks & new clients
  • Free up 30% of time on data entry for new tasks and clients
  • Penalties for late filings
  • Make reports on time
  • Human errors in financial data
  • Minimize human error and cut document verification time x5
How Entera Works?
Entera automates the whole data entry process from document collection, recognition, and items matching to publishing into Tally, Zoho Books, QuickBooks, and digital storage.
  • 1
    Document Collection
    Entera collects accounting documents from various sources and clients. You can use a Scanner, PC, Email, Smartphone, or WhatsApp.
  • 2
    Data Recognition
    Entera recognizes data with 98% precision and matches items with the ones from your accounting software automatically. AI checks errors, suggests items names, fills GST and SGST rates.
  • 3
    Publishing into Tally, Zoho
    Entera publishes all documents into Tally, Zoho Books, and Quickbooks 10 times faster than you do it manually. Bulk import, more than 100 docs at once.
  • 4
    Digital Storage
    Entera stores all digital copies of accounting documents in the safe digital archive. Provides high-level data protection, certificates, and NDA.

Seamless Integration with Accounting Software

You can use Entera even if you have several Accounting Systems or Clients
Customer Review: Accounting Service Excellence Through Data Entry Automation
Automation not only allowed him to free up more time for new clients but also ensured that the quality remained consistent.

  • TOP-criteria for selecting a data entry automation service
  • How the data entry process has changed with automation
  • The feedback from his clients and staff regarding these changes
Customer Review: Accounting Service Excellence Through Data Entry Automation