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Webinar 'Automate Data Entry Like a Pro: How to Use Entera Efficiently in Accounting'

On 30 November 2023 Entera hosted a webinar "Automate Data Entry like a Pro: How to Use Entera Efficiently in Accounting" for accounting professionals seeking to enhance their automation and AI skills as well as data entry speed and efficiency.

What Attendees Learned

  1. System Overview: Participants gained insights into creating folders, efficient document upload methods, applying filters, and integrating essential tools within Entera's ecosystem.
  2. Automated Sales and Purchases: The webinar provided practical tips for automating sales and purchase entries, a key area of interest for many accountants.
  3. Efficiency Tips: Attendees learned about Mass Actions, the creation of new items, and managing Cost Centres to enhance overall efficiency.
  4. Latest Updates: Entera revealed its newest features and capabilities, showcasing the ongoing evolution of the software.
  5. What's Next: A preview of upcoming updates was provided, including exciting developments in Bank Statement and Excel automation.
  6. Q&A Session: The interactive Q&A session offered personalized solutions and answers to frequently asked questions, enhancing attendees' understanding of Entera.
We're excited to announce that we will continue to organize webinars like this in the future. If you have any specific questions or topics that you'd like to see addressed and discussed in our upcoming sessions, please let us know. Your input is invaluable in helping us create content that is most beneficial for you.