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Automation in Accounting — Your Helpful Assistant not a Replacement

In today's world, where everything is getting faster and smarter, accountants get acquainted with new technologies: automation and AI. Some might think these new tools could replace human accountants, but that's not true. Instead, automation is a super-helpful assistant that makes an accountant's job easier and faster.

Making Work Faster and Error-Free

Imagine having a helper who never gets tired and doesn't make mistakes. That's what automation does for accountants. It takes care of repetitive tasks like entering data, making reports, and doing calculations. This means accountants can do their work quicker and without worrying about little mistakes.

For example, Entera - AI-based automation software that helps to input accounting documents into Tally and Zoho Books 10x faster, safe and accurate.
Entera's clients are already seeing how much better work can be with data entry automation.
When accountants use automation, they're not just helping themselves. They're also making things better for the people they work for. By spending less time on routine tasks, accountants can now focus on more important things and prepare important reports on time. This includes finding ways to help businesses grow and save money. Plus, they don't have to work late anymore!
For inhouse accountants, convincing the boss to try automation might seem hard, but it's all about showing them the benefits:
  1. More Work in Less Time: Automation does the repetitive tasks so accountants can focus on the big picture.
  2. Saves Money in the Long Run: It costs some money to start, but it saves a lot more money over time because work gets done faster and with fewer mistakes.
  3. Ready for More Business: With automation, your company can handle more clients without needing to hire a lot more people.

We're Here to Help

We at Entera know how automation works because we already helped thousands of accountants and received positive feedback.

Our Customer Care team will guide and help you with all the required settings, train your team to use data entry automation in the most efficient way and answer all the questions. If you're thinking about trying automation, just reach out. We can chat, show you how it works, and figure out how much it can help your business.

Join the Automation Journey

So, remember, automation isn't about replacing accountants. It's about giving them a tool that makes their work better and their lives easier. It's like having a smart helper who's always there to take care of the little things, so you can focus on the big stuff.