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Entera's Latest Updates: Mass Actions Menu, TCS/TDS/Round off/Discount in Matching, Batch Numbers and Expiry Dates in Locations and more.

We're thrilled to bring you some significant updates of Entera platform in November to make your data entry smoother and faster. Here's a breakdown of what's new:

Mass Actions Menu for Simplified Item Management

We've introduced a Mass Actions Menu, a powerful tool to help you manage items, categories, and locations more efficiently. Whether you're working with a single document or several, this feature allows you to:

  • Select and manage multiple items at once.
  • Easily create new items from recognized data.
  • Assign units of measurement and groups quickly.

This menu simplifies tasks that previously required multiple steps, saving you time and effort.

Mass actions can be used for items in one document or several documents. You can choose in one click:

  1. All documents
  2. All items
  3. All categories
  4. All items and categories

Remove Documents Easily from Matching Menu

Accidentally selected a wrong document during the upload list matching? No worries! Our new feature allows you to remove it from the matching menu with ease. This update gives you better control and helps avoid potential errors in document handling.

Manage Batch Numbers and Expiry Dates in Locations

To help you keep better track of inventory, we've added the ability to set batch numbers and expiry dates for items. You can now:

  • Assign these details to individual items.
  • Use mass actions to update multiple items simultaneously.

This feature is particularly useful for managing perishable goods or items with specific usage timelines.

TCS/TDS/Round off/Discount in Matching

Understanding the need for precise financial management, we've introduced new options in the matching feature. Now you can:

  • Select a ledger for Round off, TCS, TDS, and Discounts.
  • Manually add these elements in the comparison, ensuring accuracy in financial documentation.

Folder Statistics Page for Better Insights

Stay informed with our new Folder Statistics Page. This feature provides key information at a glance, including:

  • Remaining page balance.
  • License deadline.
  • Total number of documents/pages in the folder.
  • Number of recognition tasks.

Use this data to better plan and manage your document processing tasks.

Cost Centres for Improved Document Matching

The addition of Cost Centres in document matching streamlines your financial and operational processes. This feature allows for more accurate data transfer and helps in organizing financial information effectively.


We're always here to enhance your experience, if you have feedback or suggestions for future updates please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team.
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