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How to Upload 100 Invoices into Tally at Once Using Automation?

In the world of accounting, entering data is a big job. Many accountants still do it the old way, typing in numbers and details one by one. It's a task that takes a lot of time and patience. If you have been involved in this kind of work, you know it can sometimes feel like you are stuck in a never-ending cycle of paperwork.

You have two options; you can persist in numerous challenges that manual entry brings and keep hiring new staff in hopes of making things better, or you can delegate routine tasks to automation.

Choosing the latter, you gain a system that:
  • Collects documents from various sources automatically,
  • Uses AI for accurate recognition and categorization,
  • Checks for errors, matches items with existing data, and allocates to the correct ledgers,
  • Streamlines document storage and organization.

This not only significantly eases the workload of an accountant but also ensures precision in data. However, it doesn’t mean it replaces the accountant. Instead, it empowers them to focus on more critical tasks without compromising accuracy.

Let’s explore how you can upload 100 documents into Tally at once using one of the top automation solutions in the industry — Entera.

How to Upload 100 Invoices into Tally at Once Using Entera?

Entera is an accounting software that makes data entry 10 times faster and more accurate. Entera automates the whole data entry process from document collection, recognition, and items matching to publishing into Tally, Zoho Books, QuickBooks, and digital storage.

Step 1. Document collection

Entera simplifies the process of collecting accounting documents from various sources and clients. You can easily upload scanned documents in formats like PDF, JPG, PNG, or even Excel files directly from your computer, smartphone, or even forward an email with attached documents.
The feature that greatly enhances your data entry speed is a bulk import. The system can upload and process hundreds of documents at the same time. This makes the work up to 10 times faster compared to manual data entry.

Step 2. Document recognition

Once you have uploaded your documents, Entera automatically initiates the recognition process. You can proceed with your other tasks or even turn off your computer, as Entera operates autonomously.

After the recognition process is completed, you will receive a notification via email.

Additionally, Entera attaches a copy of the original scanned document to the recognized digital version, making it easy for you to find the document whenever you need it.

Step 3. Items Matching

The primary goal of automation is to transfer the data from the documents into your accounting system precisely as needed, tailored to your specific business process.

To achieve this, Entera uses AI and RPA technologies to automatically match categories, ledgers and items names from your documents with those that already exist in your Tally.
You can create new items and change recognized fields as you need. Entera learns from your actions and fills in the right values the next time you upload the documents.
Also, it is possible to change the voucher type for all recognized documents easily before you send them to your accounting software.

Step 4. Transfer all documents into Tally

Finally, you select all recognized documents and click on the Create Documents button. Using seamless integration, Entera will transfer the documents in your Day Book in Tally.
If you want to see how Entera works and discuss your case with an automation expert, you can book a personal demo.

Data entry automation brings many benefits for accountants, changing the way they work for the better:

  • More Efficiency: Entera can handle lots of documents at the same time. This means accountants can get their work done faster and easier, without the slow manual work.
  • Better Accuracy: The system makes sure that the data is entered accurately, cutting down on mistakes and the time needed to fix them.
  • Improved Customer Service: With less time spent on data entry, accountants can focus more on helping their customers. This leads to happier customers and better service.
  • Time for New Clients and Important Tasks: Automation frees up time. This means accountants can take on more clients and focus on important tasks that need their expertise.
  • Less Routine, More Interest: Doing the same thing over and over can be boring. With Entera taking care of the routine tasks, accountants can find more joy and interest in their work.

Try it yourself and see the difference!
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