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Case Study: Timely GST Compliance & Zero Penalties with Automated Data Entry



Pravin is a dealer who, along with his partners, runs three outlets in India. He has an accounting team consisting of two junior and four senior accountants. Every month, they receive around 300 sales and purchase invoices.

The Situation & Problems

Pravin's team consistently struggles to prepare the GST report on time by the end of each month, resulting in penalties of 50-100 INR per day. This problem occurs regularly, on a monthly basis. Usually, it happens because he often changes accounting staff (approximately every 3-6 months). Pravin challenges to find skilled personnel.
Thus, Pravin has to spend a lot of his personal time supporting the team due to these numerous issues.

The Solution

Pravin is a tech enthusiast who firmly believes in automating routine tasks. This belief drew his attention towards Entera. Pravin's main goal with Entera is to ensure all documents are entered on time and the GST report is prepared without delays, thereby avoiding penalties. Another significant goal for him is to reduce the time spent supervising his team.

Entera's team helped Pravin set up seamless integration with Tally and taught his team how to work with Entera most efficiently. They learned several ways to quickly upload documents without a scanner: by taking phone pictures and forwarding emails with documents directly to Entera. They also mastered items matching: a process when Entera takes data from Tally and substitutes this data to recognized fields.


By actively using Entera, Pravin was able to fully automate the entry of invoices into Tally. The time required for data entry of all documents (300 invoices) decreased dramatically from 35 hours per month to just 7 hours. Additionally, the average time spent checking and correcting entries was reduced from 12 hours to just 4 hours.

This significant reduction in data entry and review time freed up the accountants' schedules considerably. As a result, Pravin's team began to deliver the GST reports on time, forgetting about recurring penalties.
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