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Entera's Latest updates: "GST Enabled" Switch, "Separated by Direction" Switch, Enhancements in Total Preference

We're excited to bring the latest updates we've rolled out this week to enhance your experience using the Entera platform. Let's dive in!

"GST Enabled" Switch in the GST Preference

Enabled: Export of documents with tax rates, as before.
Disabled: Export of documents without accounting for tax rates.
Note: in the disabled state, the Tally voucher will reflect amounts before tax deductions and will lack tax ledgers.

"Separated by Direction" Switch in the GST Preference Menu

Enabled: Devides settings between INBOUND (Purchase) and OUTBOUND (Sales), allowing users to assign distinct tax ledger settings based on the specific direction.
Disabled: Retains the traditional setup of tax ledgers applicable for both document directions.

Enhancements in Total Preference

Users can now pull any ledgers, excluding Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors, to choose as modifiers such as Discount/TCS/TDS/Round Off. For example, now it’s possible to select a ledger under "Current Assets" for TCS.


Please don't hesitate to reach out with your thoughts on the latest updates and improvement ideas.
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