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Entera gathered Accountants for Data Entry Conference in Delhi

On March 17th Entera 2023 started its road show in India!

The first-ever Entera's Data Entry Conference took place in Delhi on March 17th. The event was focused on technologies for accounting, automated data entry for accountants, CA, CPA, experts in accounting, and system integrators. The event featured real-time demonstrations of data entry automation into accounting software Tally, Quickbooks, and Zoho Books, as well as face-to-face communication with experts in data management.

All participants also had the opportunity to learn more about Entera's partnership program, thant provides extra income for accountants, CPAs, experts, and IT companies. Networking opportunities were available during the coffee break at the pleasant location.

Attendees left feeling inspired and ready to automate their most routine processes in accounting. Entera is proud to have connected with amazing professionals who are passionate about enhancing their skills and trying out new technologies.

Entera is a software for automated data entry into Tally, Quickbooks, Zoho Books with more than 98% accuracy.