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Entera's Latest Updates: Live Search for Ledgers, Transaction Splitting, Progress Bar and more.

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Here's What's New at Entera This February:
Enhanced Total Preference Settings Transfer
Now, when you transfer your Total Preference settings to the Entera portal, your selected ledgers for Round Off, TCS, TDS, and Discounts in Total Preference will be automatically selected in the matching menu.
Live Search for Ledgers
Finding the right ledger is now faster and easier with our live search feature. Whether you're working in Total Preference, GST Preference, or VAT Preference, the live search functionality allows you to quickly locate the ledger you need without scrolling through extensive lists.
Transaction Splitting
With the new transaction splitting feature, you have the ability to divide a transaction into two or more parts. For each segment, you can select a specific sum and assign it to the appropriate ledger.
Progress Bar for Document Synchronization and Upload
Stay informed about the status of your document synchronizations and uploads with our new progress bar. The progress bar provides a visual indicator of the process, both during active sessions and in the background.
Tooltip with Company Name
To help you navigate more efficiently, we've added a tooltip feature. Now, when you hover over a company name in the portal, a tooltip will appear displaying the full name of the company. This small but useful detail helps prevent confusion and ensures you're always working with the correct entity.
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