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Case Study: How to Double Your Accounting Firm Without Hiring New Staff



Our case study focuses on a small business called "Numbers Plus" (name changed for privacy reasons). This is an accounting firm led by Sanjay, a former auditor, who is now the CEO. He's built a small team that includes a junior and a senior accountant.

Numbers Plus has about ten clients, but they are actively working with only half of them. Every month, they deal with around 250 documents, most of which are purchase invoices.

The Situation

Sanjay, the company's CEO, wanted to make more money from his business. He planned to do this by getting more clients. However, hiring more employees wasn't an option for him. Instead, he wanted his current team to work more efficiently. But, his team was already busy, serving just five clients out of their total ten.

Several problems made this goal difficult. Mistakes in data entry kept happening, which caused delays and other issues. Sanjay had to spend a lot of extra time fixing these mistakes.

There was also pressure to get GST returns right because of a strict no-error policy. Any mistake could result in a fine and unwanted attention from the tax department. That's why accurate data was crucial for Sanjay's company

Additionally, these data entry mistakes were giving the company a bad reputation. And if any team member was absent, it caused further delays in work. Sanjay was looking for ways to solve these problems.

The Solution

Looking for a way to solve the issues, Sanjay turned to Entera, a data entry automation software, that helps to streamline accounting operations and enhance business efficiency. With Entera, Ashish aimed to minimize data errors, reduce the time spent on data checking, and streamline accounting tasks.

The results after integrating Entera into their operations are as follows:

  • The number of companies a Senior accountant could handle increased from 10 to 22 clients substantially, demonstrating a significant enhancement in operational efficiency.
  • The average time for document processing (collection, data entry, storing and searching) was cut by 7 times, from 14 minutes to 3 minutes, contributing to time savings.
  • Time spent on data checking was reduced to a third of its original time, freeing up more time for strategic tasks and lessening the burden on the accountants.
  • The revenue from all clients increased from 40 000 IRS to 267 428 IRS, as "Numbers Plus" managed to take several big clients with a substantial number of documents.
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