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Case Study: How Small Business Saved Costs on Data Entry and Stopped Employee Turnover



Mohit formerly was an accountant but now he works as a trader. Mohit has just one accountant who helps him keep records, each month they receive around 400 documents, mostly purchase invoices with many items and sales invoices. Mohit’s business is doing pretty well, but he's got some issues in accounting.

The Situation

Accounting is a headache for Mohit. He has to spend three hours a week checking over the work of his accountant. There are a lot of mistakes and he's got a load of complex sales and purchase invoices to deal with.

It's eating up his personal time and he can't get enough of his pending work done. He's got just one accountant who can enter data, however, there is too much paperwork, which leads to a delay that sometimes lasts four days. That's bad news for getting things right and keeping track of everything.

There's also another problem - employee turnover. Every one to six months, he's got a new accountant. That means when there's no accountant, Mohit has to do it all by himself. And that happens way too often.

The Solution

Mohit is looking for a better way to do accounting, so he reached Entera. He doesn't want to double-check the accountant's work anymore and he wants to work more efficiently. He's looking to cut down the time his accountant spends on data entry and handle more paperwork with fewer mistakes. He believes automation will help to take his business to the next level.


Mohit's time for checking his accountants’ work decreased by 4 times, from 16 hours to just 4 hours a month. So no more late nights. His accountant, after learning how to use the Entera system, works faster, makes fewer mistakes, and can handle about 1000 documents a month, more than twice as many as before. Plus, the accountant likes his job more now since he gets to focus on the important tasks rather than on routine. This partnership shows promising long-term potential for Mohit.
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