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Top 5 Features of Entera: Revolutionizing Your Accounting Data Entry Experience

As an accountant, you are no stranger to the tedious and time-consuming nature of data entry. But what if there was a tool that could make this process much more efficient, saving you both time and effort? Introducing Entera, the ultimate data entry assistant designed specifically for accountants. With features that prioritize speed and accuracy, Entera has the potential to increase your data entry speed by up to 10 times. In this article, we will explore the top 5 features that make Entera stand out as the perfect solution for your accounting needs.

Advanced Recognition of Low-Quality Scans

Entera is equipped with sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms that enable it to recognize and process even low-quality scans or documents with unclear information. This ensures that your data entry remains accurate and reliable, regardless of the quality of the source material.

Mobile Version for Seamless Document Uploading

Entera's mobile version is designed with your convenience in mind. You can easily upload scans or photos of documents directly from your smartphone, eliminating the need to transfer files between devices.

Mass Document Upload for Enhanced Efficiency

Entera's powerful mass document upload feature allows you to accurately process hundreds of documents at once. Simply upload all available scans or photos in any order, and Entera will automatically identify the data and create document cards. Plus, since Entera is a cloud-based solution, it can work offline, allowing you to turn off your computer while the service continues to process your documents.

Smart Items Matching for Streamlined Accounting

Entera boasts flexible settings for matching items with those already in your accounting software. The service intelligently matches supplier's items with previously created items or the ones you need, effectively preventing duplication in your accounting system. This feature ensures your data remains organized and accurate.

Unlimited Companies and Users for Scalability

Entera places no restrictions on the number of users or companies you manage within the service. Collaborate with colleagues or manage documents for multiple organizations simultaneously. Entera's managers can help you create separate folders for each company or user, ensuring your documents remain well-organized and easily accessible.

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