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Expanding Client Base Without Increasing Team Size Using Automation



Meet Deepak, a Chartered Accountant with his own accounting firm based in Surat. Surrounded by textile businesses, he saw a chance to go beyond his local clients. He’s aiming to offer remote accounting services and connect with businesses far and wide.

Situation & Problem

Workforce Limitations: Having 25 active clients, Deepak’s firm dealt with a mountain of 5,000 purchase invoices every month. With only five accountants, they were overloaded with routine work, making it tough to take on new clients.

Expansion Goals: Deepak wanted to expand his business and start doing remote accounting for textile industry firms in Surat. But there was a big question: how to handle more work without overwhelming his team even more?


Deepak dived into research. He believed that even a bit of automation could improve their efficiency and accuracy. After exploring various tools, he came across a webinar by Entera. Impressed by the software's capabilities, he decided to try out its free version.

With automation, he was able to upload documents in bulk and concentrate on other tasks while the recognition process was underway. What he liked the most about the software was its adaptability and the ability to tailor it to his company's needs. It supported uploading documents in all popular formats: pdf, jpg, png, doc, and xls. Entera's Support Team assisted him in setting up designated folders for each company he collaborated with, ensuring that documents were systematically organized.

Additionally, he appreciated the software's features like renaming items, managing ledgers, categorizing, and specifying item locations. The system was learning from his actions and automatically applied his preferred values in subsequent tasks. The process of entering documents became faster with each use of the system.


Using Entera diligently, Deepak's team reduced their data entry time per document from 7 minutes to just under 2.

With automation document collection process also became much easier and faster. Entera collects documents from various sources including PCs, smartphones, and even emails. This helped to cut the organizing time in half.

Generating reports also became significantly more efficient. Since documents are now entered automatically, reports that previously took 2 hours with data entry can be accomplished in just over an hour using Entera

Automation empowered Deepak’s accountants to concentrate on more complex tasks and engage more with clients. The efficiency helped them to release time resources of accountants and prepare for high-quality work with new remote clients.
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