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Entera's Latest Updates: Duplicate Documents Control, Item Description Filling and much more

We're thrilled to bring you some significant updates of Entera platform to make your data entry smoother and faster. Here's a breakdown of what's new:

Duplicate Control Feature

Say goodbye to duplicate entries in Tally. Our Duplicate Control setting ensures that you won't upload the document that already exists in your Tally. Entera checks records with identical number, date, and supplier/payer information.
Find this lifesaver in the Import preference menu.

Automated Party Details Export

Now, address, state, country, and GSTIN details exported into the Party Details of a voucher. Data is reliably sourced from the Ledger of the party company (For sales, it's the payer's ledger; for purchases, it's the supplier's.)

Enhanced Item Description Filling

Now, item description is automatically taken from the recognized data.
Item Descrption
Item Decription is transferred in Tally document

Sync with Fixed Assets Ledgers

Ledgers Fixed Assets are now integrated during synchronization. They can be selected as categories.

Narration Voucher Customization

Choose whether to transfer document information from the Entera portal to the Narration voucher. The setting is located in the Import preference - Add Entera's service data menu.


We're always here to enhance your experience, if you have feedback or suggestions for future updates please feel free to contact our Customer Success Team.
Thank you for being a valued member of the Entera community.