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Entera's Summer Updates: Integration with Tally 3, Sales Invoices and More

Summer is always a hot period. Our team also worked hard to prepare the new release and updates that will lead your accounting to extra efficiency.

TOP-3 Entera’s Updates for CA's and Accountants:

Ready-to-use Integration with Tally 3

In June 2023 TallyPrime announced its 3.0 release. We are proud to say that Entera already has a seamless and ready-to-use integration with the newest version of Tally.

For those already integrated with the prior version of Tally – all your settings and documents will remain untouched.

Are you a new user of Entera and want to connect with Tally 3.0? You'll have access to all our features.

Quick & Accurate Sales Invoices recognition

Your wait is over! Now you can automatically upload dozens of sales invoices into accounting software like Tally, Zoho Books, or QuickBooks with Entera.

Entera recognizes all document fields, matches items and customer details with existing lists in your accounting software. Your sales invoices can now be transferred directly into Tally without manual work!

Flexible Location Assignment

This innovative feature allows users to allocate specific items from documents to distinct locations.

For example, if you acquire 100 t-shirts and need to account for them across different stores, the item matching process allows you to define locations like Shop #1 for 20 t-shirts and Shop #2 for the remaining 80. Such details will be transferred to your accounting software.
But wait, there's more! We've not only introduced these powerful features but have also refined the user experience:

  • The voucher reference number is now visible in Tally ERP9.
  • We've fixed a bug where a stock item without a designated unit was overlooked during imports.
  • Information about uploaded documents is now presented in a more intuitive manner.
  • Our error messages now provide more detailed information.

With these enhancements, Entera remains committed to transforming your accounting experience. Dive in and explore the possibilities!
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